do opt. schools avg. classes that have been retaken or take the new grade?

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Aug 8, 2005
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There were 2 pre-req classes that I had to retake and was wondering when we send our transcripts, is our grade/gpa taken from both grades posted or just the most recent one?


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Every school handles things a little different so you MUST call the schools you are intersted and find out what they do. It's a pain, but you have to hear directly from schools how they handle this isssue.
most schools average the 2 grades
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Well here is a strange question... on the ASCO website, on the introductory page before they break down GPA/OAT/acceptances by school, they say that the entering class last year for their seventeen schools had grade point averages "between 4.0 and 3.05, with an average of 3.32."

Now I find it hard to believe that there was not a single person in the country last year who was accepted into an OD program with less than a 3.05 GPA. My suspicions were somewhat confirmed when the Puerto Rico school had "3.00" listed on the next table as their average GPA.

Am I crazy? Or do these stats not make sense to anyone else as well?
This is a totally different topic from the thread, which deals with class grades, but oh well:

I think what they mean by "3.05-4.0" is that this is where the school's AVERAGES fall between, not range...which is correct. Assuming the curve is bell shaped, this means most students will have around a 3.0-3.6, and a few will have below 3.0, and above 3.6.
But that would mean they are saying there is at least one school whose average gpa was 4.0, which couldn't be possible. Oh well...

I know this was a little off topic, but I am not able to post new threads. I thought this one dealt with grades and GPA calculation so it'd be okay.
There are several schools that will let you replace your grades but they will see the old ones. Just makes sure the ones your applying to are the ones that will do it. If it's only 2 classes then even averaging the grades shouldn't hurt you too much.