Mar 30, 2016
I heard of national student clearinghouse, a database used to verify the student's attendance at each school.

But because admissions is dwindling, would schools even bat an eye if a student purposefully left out some information? I know this would not fly for medical school, as that is a much more competitive process. Probably the same stringence for dental and PA/PT school.

Anybody from admissions or close to an officer know anything about this? Pharmacy used to be a respectable field, but if officers did not verify their students' academic background in a meticulous fashion... -_-


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Aug 17, 2009
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Academic Administration
I wouldn't mess with PharmCAS; even if the individual school doesn't care, PharmCAS does.
Willfully withholding information can get you banned from PharmCAS for one year [if you can convince them it was an accident] or for life [if you can't].

Pharmacy used to be a respectable field
Also: if that is your picture, I suggest you get rid of it. Denigrating the field you are aspiring to enter isn't a good way to get AdCom's on your side.


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Oct 2, 2006
Why risk it? If what you want to hide is that bad that even a low tier school wouldn't take you if they knew about it, then you risk being expelled later if the school eventually finds out about it, or even graduating and being unable to get a license because the licensing board won't overlook what you hid from the school. Worse case scenario if you are honest....maybe you won't get accepted into pharmacy school. Worse case scenario if you could find yourself tens of thousands of dollars in debt with no degree or pharmacist job prospects.