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DO Residencies


Fitter Happier
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Mar 10, 2004
The Sea
I know this has probably been discussed at some point, but I searched and didn't find anything.
Here's the deal - I'm a DO student and I want to specialize; derm, optho, or cards. Let's assume I have the credentials needed to get into these programs.
I want to practice in Fla, and preferrably train in Fla as well. This means I am required to do a DO internship.
Here's the question - would I be at a major disadvantage career-wise if I did DO residencies rather than MD residencies? Trying to do MD residencies would be a major headache involving dual accredited internships, or repeated internships, or the struggle to get into an MD program after a DO internship etc. There are DO derm residencies in Fla. I could go right into after a transitional year.
What does everyone think? Thanks guys, everyone's really helpful here.


SDN Caveman Administrator
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Jul 24, 2000
  1. Attending Physician
Originally posted by Idiopathic
You can get out of the transitional year, it is getting easier.

You should not be at a disadvantage by doing an osteo residency.

Thats what I think.

i agree. it's really not too difficult to get your PGY1 year approved by the higher ups as an appropritate internship. jsut make sure you do some primary care on your electives.

and doing a DO residency won't hinder you career wise.
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