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DO School List Help?

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Full Member
Nov 16, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
Remove Burrell (high attrition). You could add these schools:
Thank You, I will add those schools! Would it still be a good idea to keep Burrell as a safety though? I know they're a bit newer and their stats aren't all too high yet.

Also are my chances for TUNCOM or Touro-CA are decent? Those are my top choices mainly because of location so far haha


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Jul 18, 2014
  1. Medical Student
I am an ORM with a gpa around 3.37 cGPA and 3.21 sGPA for AACOMA
My MCAT score is a 510

I was wondering if anyone could help me make a realistic DO school list? I know my GPA is definitely on the lower side due to a couple of C's I got my first 2 years in undergrad but I've had kind of an upward trend since then. My senior year gpa was around a 3.7 and my post bacc is around a 3.5 (first semester was a lot of B's because of a family death but I got all A's in the second semester).

As for EC's I think they're pretty cookie-cutter in terms of shadowing/volunteering/research. I have a decent amount of clinical hours (400+), probably around 100-150 of community service, and over 1000 hours of research experience but no pubs or posters.

Here's the tentative school list I've made so far, any thoughts on schools I should add or remove? Thank you for any help you all can provide!

Touro Cali
Touro NY
Touro Nevada
Western COM
De Busk
Incarnate World
Alabama COM
Maybe Sam Houston



Id advise against Sam Houston because you'd have to apply via TMDSAS which is another entire new application for you just for one school. Because SHSU-COM is not subsidized by the state of Texas however, they can accept as many OOSers they want (TMDSAS medical institutions must abide by the 90/10 rule for IS/OOS) but their tuition is significantly higher. In addition, think twice about attending a new DO school particularly as we enter the S1 P/F era and PDs will begin to factor in established programs more.

You can get in at an established DO program with your stats. Are you okay with mandatory lectures and dress code? If yes, then add VCOM. I would still add VCOM (and all their 4 campuses) either way and come to that decision later on in the cycle. Be aware that the same exists for LECOM.
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