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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by DOPhD student, Oct 27, 1999.

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    I posted some questions specifically for Dr. Lynch in the original topic, but I guess it got lost in the shuffles somewhere so I'll re-post the questions under a new topic. Here's the original post -
    "Thank you for the insight, Dr. Lynch. Now the question is, since we can pinpoint the problem, what do we do to address it? What can we as students or future clinicians or scientists do to convey our message to the administrative organizations at the local, state, and national level to help steer the profession in the direction that we, inheritors of the DO legacy, want?
    Thanks in advance for your unique perspective."
    By the way, I'm more concerned with basic biomedical research than OMT or clinical research. How do we encourage more basic biomedical research on this side of the fence?

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