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Do you need help finding a program to sponsor H1B Visa?


New Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 8, 2000

    If you are an IMG studying for board exams and planning to find a medical residency in the USA on an H1B visa, you should take a look at this new website:

    It provides a personal account of residency search, H1-B Visa sponsorship, and many organized links to information on the internet that you'll need to succeed.

    ***You can also get CSA Review Notes and USMLE questions, including NBME Retired questions and over 15,000 others.***
    Unlike some other people selling stuff on these message boards I do not charge $100, they are very cheap.

    This site should be of interest to anyone searching for information on international medical graduates, medical residency in USA, programs to sponsor you for H1B or J1 visa, USMLE review courses, clinical skills assessment, NRMP match, free medical software, j1 visa waiver, NBME retired questions, & ECFMG certification

    All the best, and have a nice day!
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