Jul 23, 2009
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Hey guys,

I recently graduated from a ivy league school with a biochemistry degree (3.7GPA). I've taken the MCAT three times (25,25,and 27P). I have extraordinary letters of recommendation, several research projects, various shadowing experiences, and a pending publication. I also played varsity football for the first two years of college.

I have taken the MCAT three times as I mentioned above, and my final mcat breakdown was as follows:

PS - 11, BS - 10, V - 6 WS - P

I am also a Texas resident so some of the medical schools are a bit more lax about standards as compared to some states like California. I figure the low verbal score can be made up with my semi-high GPA and good science scores.

What are my chances of getting an interview? I applied last year with my MCAT score of 25, and I was wait-listed at two schools. I figure with a two point increase from the previous two MCAT scores, I may have a better shot of getting interviews. I am currently in the process of re-applying.

Can you guys provide some feedback? Much appreciated!!
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Jul 8, 2008
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Seems like texas was pretty variable last year. I was a TX resident and had slightly better #s than you (3.8, 28) and didn't get in anywhere in state (got 3 interviews though). However, I've heard of people with worse numbers than you that got in. I would just apply and see what happens..you definitely have a shot, write a great PS and think of some creative stuff to say at interviews..also going to an ivy league won't hurt either.
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