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Jul 13, 2002
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hey everyone,
I'm filling up my AACOMAS application now and have
some questions regarding the MCAT section.

I took the MCAT more than once and I only designated my most recent April 2002 VPB score (9-10-10 R) to be sent to AACOMAS.

My question is will AACOMAS know that I withheld my previous scores to MCAT 2000 if I do not include those scores in my application?

If I must send all my MCAT scores, will the D.O. schools just consider my most recent scores?

I appreciate your time in responding to my inquiry.




Don't list the previous dates on the application. If AACOMAS has knowledge that you took the test on those dates, they will automatically correct your application on verification. If not, than they will only forward your one set of scores.

It is not dishonest not to fill them in, because you withheld your scores, and you have that right. On the AACOMAS application it doesn't leave you the option of entering, taken but withheld.

So I would do it that way, and if any school were to ask... Just explain the other dates you took the test and that you withheld your scores. I've never been questioned on it.
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You are most welcome,

Others may disagree with me on the subject and stress that you must list all instances of the exam, uphold the integrity of the process, etc.

The first time I applied I listed my first score, which I did not report to AACOMAS. Why? Because I didn't know how at the time! Well do you know what AACOMAS did? When they did my verificaiton they deleted that score and only displayed my updated score. I thought, that's strange, but I guess if they don't see it written down, it never occured. So that made me realize, that if you take the MCAT, and do not report it, it never existed to AACOMAS. It's like the FDA, "If it wasn't written down, it didn't happen." This is not the case with the AMCAS application though, because they will let the schools know you took the exam before, even if you do not report your scores.
I have had experience with both actually.

Most DO schools take your last MCAT score anyway, so it isn't that much of a worry either way.


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Jun 17, 2001
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If I took the MCAT last April and did not designate AACOM, and plan to take the MCAT in August again should I fill out a additional score report and send them my old scores and also the new August ones. What do you guys think?
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