Does anyone know how much a pharmacist earns in Canada?

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Jan 5, 2008
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Or more specifically, in Ontario?

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Or more specifically, in Ontario?
I think Americans are better paid.

Does anyone know how much a pharmacist earns in Canada?

Remember, if you're asking for information it's best not to follow that up with your opinion on the subject ;)

Pharmacists, median and mean are paid more in the states than Canada. However, with the strength of the Canadian dollar and other misc. factors, it is a very comparable salary/lifestyle.

Don't forget, in these tax brackets, a $5,000 difference is in reality only $2,500.
Depends on where, and what area of practice. If you belong to the public sector union OPSEU and work in a psychiatric hospital, you're one of the lowest-paid pharmacists in N. America. A couple of years ago, they topped out at CN $30/hour. I looked into such a job because I thought it would be interesting, but I couldn't take the cut in pay.

In Toronto, I think it's around CN $40-45/hour. If you go out of Toronto, the pay gets higher because the shortage of pharmacists is that much more intense. I've heard of as much as CN $75/hour in the north, but that may be apocryphal.

I'd be curious to know what Americans get paid, especially now that our dollar is about the same as theirs.