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Does anyone know of a combined MD/DDS program?


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Nov 28, 2000
Little Rock
    Thanks Kim,

    I checked with both UCLA and UCSF and the only thing they offer is an oral surgery residency that lasts 5-6 years wherein you obtain an MD from UCSF/LA Medical School after you've completed your DDS. there.

    I think it goes like this: 1 year in Dental surgery residency, 2-3 years in Med School, then another 2 back in Dental surgery. Source: UCSF Admissions office.

    That's just not what I'm looking for.

    Being prepared to provide primary medical and dental care in a six year program.

    I'm going to contact the ADA next to inquire.

    You may also be interested to know most state subsidized schools will not accept an MD into dental school.

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      Interesting...well, at least my brain isn't totally fried; I had vague recollections of some sort of combined program at those schools. Sorry it isn't what you're looking for.

      What the ban/distaste for MDs in DDS school? (and I believe the reverse happens to) Professional rivalry, concerns over student's commitment to dentistry, etc?

      BTW, most of us IMHO didn't learn much about teeth in med school. I can remember struggling to recall the "official" name of a certain tooth when seeing a patient in the ER with a dental abscess. He usually I & D'd these things himself (with his trusty razor blade) but couldn't reach it this time, so got me to do it.

      How long is dental school - does a combined program save substantial time over doing them consecutively, provided you could find a program amenable to admission? The Chief Plastics res at UVA is an MD/DDS; he might have some info on the subject (but don't tell him I sent you!
      . I'll be there next week for an interview, I'll ask him about it and report back.


        There aren't many programs, and if you do them they ARE going to take a lot of time. I find it a little suspicous that you want an MD/DDS but aren't willing to put the time into it. There are many many classes in dental schools, particularly just for dentists. If you don't want to be an oral surgeon, (who usually have MD's and DDS's), how do you practice primary medicine with an MD AND DDS? What exactly do you do?

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