Does it look bad applying for scholarships that would require deferral??


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Jan 15, 2005
My letter of recommendation writer wants to mention that I am applying for a Fulbright but I am not too sure if I'd want to disclose that to medical schools at this stage...Its obviously a prestigious scholarship (which is why I think my writer wants to mention it) but do you think it could back-fire since it would require me to defer my medical school admission (assuming I receive it) which might turn-off some adcoms from accepting me?? What do you guys think..thanks in advance for any advice!


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Jun 8, 2008
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I think you can do it, if you want, but I'm not sure that it will actually help you. It's not so hard to apply for a Fulbright; it's only impressive to me if you are actually awarded one.

As far as the deferral, in many (but not all) cases as the year goes on, medical schools are happy to grant deferrals. If they're swimming in qualified applicants, it allows one more of them to attend while at the same time ensuring one less slot to interview for next year. Win-win.
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Jan 1, 2007
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No one's going to fault you for a deferral for actually getting a Fullbright; however, I was always advised not to mention/highlight it during the application process, as it's not really going to help you but could make schools wonder if they really want to waste an interview slot and possibly an acceptance on you.