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Does this count as clinical experience/exposure?


Full Member
Jun 5, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello, I'm really new to this site, but let me explain my situation. I finished my sophomore year and I'm trying to figure out if my experiences align with what medical schools want in an applicant. I have been volunteering at the same hospital every summer for the past few years until COVID-19 happened. I've helped out in different areas and my most recent position involved me giving coloring pages/magazines/aromatherapy to patients and I always feel like I've done something after leaving the hospital- I love being there and I have few memorable brief patient experiences. In addition, I work at a nurse practitioner's (DNP) clinic where I've taken vital signs, helped out with EKGs and talked briefly with some patients about their health issues. These are my only clinical experiences so far. I know hospital volunteering is accepted but is working with a non-MD physician still considered clinical experience?
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Full Member
5+ Year Member
Apr 4, 2016
  1. Medical Student
Yes, this counts as clinical experience. You should try to get some physician shadowing in when the COVID-19 situation dies down though.

A good rule of thumb is this: If you can smell the patient it is clinical experience.
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