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Oct 20, 2003
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it's lab write up time. My lba is due on tuesday, the day after we come back from break, so i can't ask my professor if i did it correctly. What i had to do was find amount of flouride in water and toothpaste. I had to make a graph of mV vs. log ppm F- in 3 different samples.

One sample had 5 mL of 10ppm F diluted to 100 mL, the second had 10 mL of 10 ppm, the third sample had 20 mL of 10 ppm. They were all diluted to 100 mL.

anyway, my question is if i found hte ppm correctly. I took the ppm (which is mg/L) and multiplyed it by the liters of the solution of 10 ppm that i used. Then, i had the mg only, so i divided it by .1L. Does this seem right? or should I have just used the dilution equation?

I did a graph using the way i described above, and by using the dilution equation, and the one i used with the way i said above came out nice and straight, and the other one didn;t look so pretty. which is why i'm asking if it's right.
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