Does urea diffuse into the filtrate under filtration pressure in the bowman capsule?


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Jul 27, 2014
In the ek bio book it says that in the bowmans capsule urea diffuses into the filtrate under filtration pressure.

I thought all the big molecules were pushed through the fenestrations/cracks in the endothelium/capillaries to get into the filtrate?

I know osmotic pressure works against hydrostatic pressure to push the fluid, but i thought that was just for water?

Also does hydrostatic pressure fall under the category of active transport?
Dec 12, 2013
1. I think the book is trying to say that urea diffuses in right around the bowman's capsule. It's not THROUGH there but right after it.
2. Osmosis is just for water. I think what you're trying to get at is that lets say hydrostatic pressure wants to push water down into something, the osmotic pressure works against it so that the cell isn't overfilled and lyses.
3. No, hydrostatic pressure is just the pressure of water due to gravity.