Doing everything in my power to not have to retake the mcat (shooting for the 30-32). Advice?


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Aug 4, 2013
I'm hoping not to retake it and im taking it on the 23rd of jan. I'm shooting for a 30-32 and I'm wondering if I have a good shot at it and would appreciate any advice given the progress i've made recently. My scores are pretty much like this and I started studying in like august officially:
AAMCS 3: 26 [7/10/9] (july 2013, when i first started studying)
AAMCS 4R (long one dont remember scores, but i remember really screwing up verbal): 26 (I think it was either 25 or 26. this was in august 2013)
AAMCS 5 [10/6/9]: 25 (=/ september)
AAMCS 7 [10/8/9] : 27 (a few days after the 5R)
AAMCS 6r: 28
AAMC 8 [10/10/10]: 30 (early october)
AAMCS 9 [11/11/9]: 31 (late november after I gave studying a break for a while)
AAMCS 10 [11/9/10]: 30 (few days ago)

I've also taken kaplan FLs 1-5 have scored between 30-33 on all of them and taken TBR 1-6 and have scored 29 or 30 on each of them (about to take 7 now).

Do you think I have a good shot at a 30 on the real thing and is there any advice or recommendations you have more ? I'll give you more info about my study techniques and stuff.

In terms of the errors I make most of the ones on the mcat are really stupid and because I didn't really have that good of an understanding of some of the material until like october/november (some physics and bio didn't click for me because I never took physio and physics never made sense to me as an undergrad). I also blew through too many of the AAMC FLs early, but they seemed to be the most honest indicator of my progress, especially since I wasn't sure how tbr (my main source) compared to the real thing (now I can say it's by far been my most helpful source). I've been reviewing the hell out of the AAMC FLs I took, making flashcards for all of my mistakes I made with explanations as well as the general concepts and formulas (I usually go through those every day) and have asked/tried to hit every concept i'm not sure about pretty hard till I understand it. In november through now I've done a ton of content review and practice tests. I've gone through the exam crackers books and all their questions (minus 1001), gone through all of the berkeley review books and their questions 3 times (I only went through verbal twice though), all the princeton review books once, I went through the princeton review hyperlearning questions in each subject. I also took one TPR FL online (it didn't seem to compare really well to anything though). At this point I'm just taking FLs (kaplan and tbr) under timed conditions every day.

I really don't want to retake because I'm not sure what i'll use to study considering i've blown through a lot of the sources and I'm saving my final AAMCs 11 for like the week before.

I'm also wondering if the examcrackers FLs are worth buying and how they compare to the real thing. it's more practice, but if it's totally useless it's not worth it.