DPT pre-reqs Tx schools (timing question)

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Nov 30, 2019
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I will be applying to most Tx public schools in 2024/25 cycle. I will graduate in May of 2025. My major is psychology with a minor in biology.

So far, I have take most of the ‘common’ prerequisites; the only one remaining is Human physiology, which I am registered for (fall 24).

My question concerns the ‘uncommon’ pre-reqs that are very specific such as:

Angelo State University: General physiology / Microbiology/ Histology….

UTSA: intro sociology

Texas state: exercise physiology

UTMB: lifespan psychology

I do not have a problem taking any of these courses in my last semester (spring 25). However, timing is a problem – by the time I am accepted to any particular program (pending missing pre-reqs), it might be too late to register for these classes (they may either be full, or conditional acceptance may come in too late – e.g. Jan. or Feb.)

My only solution so far is to preventatively register for all of the above, and then, as more information is available, drop those that may not be needed. This seems kind of silly – any other ideas would be very much appreciated.

To rephrase the question – how inflexible are DPT programs on their pre-requisites, given that other application items are of high quality (e.g. my overall GPA is 4.0)?

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Until you check with the schools themselves and get insights, the "prerequisites" are the rules from the admissions committee, and they expect you to have completed them before starting their program. Having deviations from the requirements will flag an accreditation review (when that happens).