Dr. Collins PCAT study guide 2015 wanted

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Hello, I'm studying for the PCAT on September and I'm looking for someone who have the Dr. Collins pcat study guide 2015 for sale asap

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Hi!! I am also interested. If anyone contacts you and you already purchased it can you forward them my email [email protected].

Hello I am selling the latest version (2015) of the Dr. Collin's PCAT study guides + PCAT Destroyer. I just took my PCAT in January at got 98th percentile and all I did was review the Dr. Collin's PCAT study guides + PCAT Destroyer.

Everything is in near mint condition, hardly written in and contains everything you need to get a guaranteed 90th+ percentile score on the PCAT the first time around. You seriously do not need any other book or resource besides these.

The Collins is the latest edition and provides the overall general review for the entire PCAT test. It's extremely important to get the latest edition, as there are updates that are frequently released (3 every year, on top of the actual guide being updated frequently). By getting an older version, you're missing out on key formulas/review.

The PCAT Destroyer provides questions that will look like problems you'll see on the PCAT test. There were at least ~20 or so problems from the review and destroyer that were on my actual PCAT. So it is definitely in your best interest to study these materials to get these questions correct.

Pearson's tests are the absolute best practice tests you can get for the PCAT. You can google around and you'll see the majority of students highly recommend going through these. I also have these if you would like to purchase this as well.

I was exactly in your position a few months back and purchasing this bundle was the best decision I made, because now I'm set to apply with an extremely competitive PCAT score!!