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Early application completion, Texas residence, great GPA, questionable MCAT.

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by da8s0859q, May 30, 2008.

  1. Cliffs Notes of my MDApps:

    - Cumulative undergraduate GPA: 3.92 or so
    - Science GPA: TBD by TMDSAS, but likely 3.8ish
    - Applying to the following as a TX resident:
    - TTUHSC (completed secondary)
    - UTMB
    - UTSW (awaiting secondary)
    - UTH
    - TAMHSC (secondary in progress)

    All I'm waiting on is my MCAT scores from 05/23 so I can release them to the TMDSAS (~06/24), as well as my final transcript from my undergrad university (06/10). And that'll be that.

    I am not sure how I did on the MCAT. My previous 24S (9/9/6) didn't look so great, so I retook and almost certainly did better than that, though I may have screwed myself on the PS portion.

    All of that considered, and even though you obviously can't see my application to read essays and such, how would you say it's looking thus far?

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