Aug 29, 2014
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Case Studies in Medical Imaging

Radiology for Students and Trainees

A. T. Ahuja
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
G. E. Antonio, K. T. Wong, and H. Y. Yuen
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Radiology (Medical Imaging) now plays a pivotal role in modern medical practice. Clinical decision making
depends on timely and accurate interpretation of imaging studies particularly in acute situations. Its importance in daily clinical practice is refl ected by the fact that almost no patient leaves the hospital without undergoing an imaging study. Many clinicians now need to interpret images themselves and the information provided is particularly useful for minimally invasive treatment. It is therefore essential that imaging take its rightful place in the Medical School Core Curriculum so that future doctors have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high quality medical care to the community they serve.

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