Nov 27, 2010
Hi all,

I'm a physician from Paris , France, ans I recently (2 months ago) sent my application for Step 1.
The thing is that my medical school doesn't have a ECFMG representative. (apparently they used to, but the guy retired). So ECFMG told me to attach to my application a letter from the new person, stating that she is the new ECFMG representative for this medical school.

That's what I did, and 2 months letter, I get an email from them saying that my application was refused, because the official who signed my application is not on their list !

They're currently reviewing my application again, after many phone calls, but it's taking weeks.

Anybody has good through similar experiences ? What should I do ?
I see you can also get your application signe by a public notary AND by a med school official, but why would anyone do that ?

Thanks a lot for your help !
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