Dec 9, 2010
Medical Student
Hi !
I am a final year medical student from India. I want to work towards a residency in Internal Medicine. I have applied to multiple Universities for electives in Internal Medicine but haven't been accepted for the same(was late). The only elective I have been successful in obtaining is one in plastic surgery. My other option is working with a private practitioner (Internal Medicine). Come interviews which of the two options will hold me in better stead (in terms of US clinical experience) ?


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Dec 21, 2002
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If the private practitioner is an attending for an ACGME program then that would be more beneficial.
Sep 26, 2010
Medical Student
Would an elective in a field unrelated to one's residency aspirations harm his chances ? If I were to rotate in IM when I am interested in surgery.
Would it be a good thing that I got clinical experience or would it be a bad thing that I didnt get the right type of experience?
Also how would PDs rate a research elective against a clinical elective ?

Can someone who knows the answers please share them.