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Jan 22, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
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Realized late in intern year that emergency medicine was not for me. I want to be a part of patients lives and watch them get better rather than feel like a machine trying to move as many parts through the system as possible without missing anything critical. Performed PM&R research as a first year and my significant other is a physical therapist, so decent exposure to the rehab field. Love the progress, complicated neuro/cardiac, and impact you have on patients lives (my experiences volunteering at a pediatric TBI summer camp have been life altering). Willing to repeat PGY-1 year to be happy in a PM&R position. Above average in-service exams (70th %tile), above average Step 1/2, lots of support from my program, great clinical reviews in medical school and residency. Planning on reapplying in the match for PM&R this October.
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