Emergency Medicine

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can someone post the unfilled spots?

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Here you go:

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Not sure what you mean by unfilled spots but SAEM.ORG has a list of current (just how comprehensive or current is anyones guess) vacancies.....
BlackPuma said:
can someone post the unfilled spots?
Best thing to do is pick up freida and start calling prgrams.
There are always a few unfilled on match day but they usually scramble people into them, so there aren't usually many vacancies after scramble....
Are often the best. The program I transferred to (Temple, which is turning out to be an incredible program) never advertised an open spot. A friend of mine who couldn't get a prelim medicine program last year refused to go into the match and instead emailed 300 programs. He got a prelim spot at a great place which actually refused to interview him the first time around.

Make discreet inquiries, send around some emails, see what pops up.
For future reference, a thread titled "Emergency Medicine" in the Emergency Medicine forum doesn't tell us a single thing about what the thread is about.