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Mar 13, 2000
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Hi folks! I came here in the U.S. after I finished my high school in Korea. Back then my English was just so horrible. Well, I had never thought of becoming a doctor until I graduated from college here. But still, I had to face a huge obstacle. English... Still now I'm having tremendous difficulties. As an individual whose native language is Korean, I think it is more difficult to learn English compared to individuals who come from Europe or South America. I was wondering if anyone of you who had similar experience and I would like know how you dealt with this difficulty as a F.O.B. (Fresh Of the Boat). :p
Anyway, I did my first practice test and got 6 on verbal. Hopefully I make a huge improvement until next year. But what about the writing score in MCAT? How important is that?

Note: Sorry about my grammar mistakes if any.
My English sucks, so does my verbal score. :(

I would appreciate if you could get me out of depression.
Arghh!! I'm so stressed!!!!


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Feb 4, 2000
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First of all, your English is better than many people born in this country.

Secondly, although the writing sample is looked at, you may be able to justify a lower score due to your situation.

I would be sure to mention somewhere in your applications that English is indeed a second language for you and that you are finding it difficult to master.

Some schools may give you a break and take this into consideration. I know I highly respect a person who can come here and learn English. I still don't get it right and I've been doing it for over 20 years.

"i" before "e", where to put the apostrophe, and why heck CAN'T I say "Me and Jim went to the store"? :)

Good luck to you
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