Enough material to study for OAT?


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May 1, 2008
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    I bought the MCAT examkrackers review set because of the outstanding reviews and people being well-prepared I would think I would ace the OAT if I study that. I have the OAT Kaplan practice test book also. I also heard the Kaplan review book is good but can only get it if I take the class... Yeah, I'm not taking the class but I know a friend who is and I might try to borrow that. Also, is destroyer or achiever better? There are mixed opinions on here about them. So, do you guys think this enough material to study for it? I've taken all of the science classes covered on it and have my textbooks still for reference BUT I'm going to rely on the MCAT review book the most probably. Oh, I'm taking it late June and I just started studying so that should be ample time.


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    Oct 31, 2007
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      If you want a computer version of the test, get Achiever, if you want a huge book full of problems that will prep you well, it's Destroyer. I think a lot of people get confused b/w the two or something. Good luck! I'm supposed to take mine in less than a year but I'm freaking out :) lol
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