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Oct 8, 2000
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Hey Guys:

I have been a cardiothoracic surgical PA for five years now and was looking into the possibility of trying to break into ER medicine.

The problem is that CVPAs tend to get paid on the higher end of PA salaries and so to switch to ER may be financially impossible.

Anyone out there an ER PA who can give me some first hand info. on the financial possibilities of being an ER PA?


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Hey Smedley:

I see you have been actively campaigning to enlighten those who think they know what PAs are all about i.e. "Freeeeedom" , :rolleyes: , more power to you. You are more patient than I, my friend.
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Since I'm just starting school here in about 2 months I'm not a good first hand source, but I'm interested in the ER field for PA's since all of my medical work has been flight/combat medic type stuff. If you take a look at the AAPA surveys, ER and surgical subspecialties always seem to match up within just a few % for salary. At least two of the three local hospitals here in town pay there ER PA's in the low 90's.

I guess my question back at you - your in the field - what have you seen as for real-world salaries for you and your associates versus the AAPA surveys - are they close?

For the most part, they have been pretty accurate, especially right out of school. I think, however, that many (if not most) PAs have two or three sources of income (i.e. chart dictations, chart reviews for med/mal defense, moonlighting in nursing homes)and so the stats don't represent true income potential for those of us who have experience.