Ethnic Differences in Physician Competence

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Jul 26, 2023
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Although the original entitled thread is 12 yrs. old it is still a relevant question. The ethics of physicians from each country vary: each country has it's own set of social mores. I have worked alongside several MD's who have sub-standard didactic training, which directly affects their abilities to interact, diagnose, and Rx patients. Nota bene, I have not mentioned the countries of origin; that is intentional because the naysayers will jump in and proclaim that it is racist - it is not. MDs emigrating to other countries must have equivalent training which should include a minimum one-year supervised residency and a subsequent review at the end of the term. A 2017 study addressed the corruption and lack of confidence in national trust, in one country. This is an ongoing problem that can only be solved by demanding competency prior to full medical licensure in the recipient country.

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