Evolution DNA and Faith


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Oct 16, 2002
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As you probably know, current thought is that Neanderthals were a far distant, and competitive, "cousin" of the homo saipein, rather then being the root of our evolutionary tree. There is a littany of evidence that experts can rattle off on either side of the evolution debate. Really evolution requires a massive amount of faith in a theory with many difficulties. The same of course can be said for creationism as well. If you are interested, try reading a book called Darwin's Proof. I can't remember the author's name, but you should be able to do a search at Barnes and Noble and find it. The book is written by a biochemist (PhD from Cal Tech I think) who outlines some of the reasons why evolution does not fit all the evidence as nicely as we are lead to believe. It also points out that the primary reason why evolution arose as a powerful theory was the presupposition that design and a semi-linear progression of complexity demonstrated an evolutionary process, not a divine one. That supposition is assuming that you know how God would have chosen to do things and that he would not have chosen to make stuff in a progressive or hierarchial pattern. Wish I could explain as well as the author did, but try picking up the book (I read it over a break), I think you will find it both enlightening and allow you to feel more comfortable in your faith, as opposed to feeling like some ignorant dreamer luddite that many in the scientific community would have any creationist feel.

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Jul 12, 2002
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Faith is Faith and trying to prove the existence of God would result in the end of the test or reason that we are here and therefore the end of man-kind. There is no reason for a God to reveal to use the existance of God unless the test or reason for all of "this" is actually over.


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Jun 18, 2002
read a comparative anatomy/embryology book, I think you'll find it quite interesting...

As a Catholic Medical Student and Neuroscience Major I find it very easy to believe in evolution and that God created the universe and possibly set up things (i.e. made that little puddle of amino acids) and things just kind of evolved from there.

Faith does not equate to blind-unthinking faith, I am also a catholic pro-choicer and death penality supporter. Faith is what you take away from it and either it enriches you're life making you and the one's around you happy OR it sends you down a hopeless, closeminded trail of despair and guilt.

DISCLAIMER: I suspect flames will be easy to come by and I'm stressed so I'd be extremely defensive and nasty if someone came after me. Please be gentle if you respond to my post.
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