Exactly by when do I have to submit my secondaries to be considered "early"

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Sep 21, 2011
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Hi guys,

I submitted my AMCAS on the first day which is June 10th, and am applying to 50 schools this year.

I know this is ALOT, but my aim is still to actually complete through the secondaries through all 50 of those schools.

So I'm pre-writing my secondaries, but it would really help to know like by when I would have to submit all these to be considered "early" or "one of the firsts" to submit the secondaries.

I understand that I would get my secondaries from late June to early July, and I know that people tell me to submit it in like 2 weeks after you receive your secondaries. So does this mean I would have until mid July at the latest to pre-write all 50 of these secondaries if I'm trying to do this as quickly as possible?


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Some secondaries don't have any essays, so being complete in July might be "normal" for these schools. Other secondaries have 5+ essays, so being complete in August might not be so bad.

With that said, it really depends on whom you ask this question. Some people might say that as long as you finish your secondaries by August, it's alright. Others might say, as you said, submit them by July so that your apps can be reviewed in August.

I think the bottom line is that submitting them by September will not be considered "early" anymore. Sure, some students still get accepted, but I don't think I heard many people say being complete in September is "one of the firsts."

As a re-applicant who is concerned with applying early, I would try to finish all 20+ secondaries by late July at the latest. But it's just my opinion.
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