Exam Krackers 1001 Questions (Complete Set)

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May 10, 2011
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Exam Krackers Complete Set of MCAT Subject Books I bought these books for my son who was 100% sure that he wanted to go to medical school and then he changed his mind. Books are in very good condition. I have attempted to describe each book below. The books are posted on eBay at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Exam-Kracke...5?pt=US_Texbook_Education&hash=item256da1bd6d

Books included:

16 Mini-MCATS - No marks.

Chemistry 1001 Questions - Approx. 6 of 152 pages marked in pencil.

Biology 1001 Questions - Approx. 13 of 301 pages marked in pencil.

Organic Chemistry 1001 - No marks.

Physics 1001 Questions - No marks.

Verbal Reasoning 101 Passages - Has 14 verbal reasoning tests. The first 3 tests have pencil marks and highlighting in the passages but NONE of the questions are marked. The remainder of the book is not marked.

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