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Jan 27, 2002
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still studying. but what ive done thus far with ek material has improved my score on the practice tests 4 points.

I got the orgo book first since it was my weakest area on kaplan back in march. I was gettin 15-20 percent right in my practice tests. I read the book, hadn't taken notes or done the problems at teh back yet, and my on the next practice test my % right in the orgo part of the biological sections went up to 45% right.

Plus at that point Iwas getting frustrated. My overall number of questions being answered right were getting higher, but my score wasn't changing.

Ek stuff is well written out and just seems to focus on what you need to know rather than telling you everything about anything concerning each subject.

But in the end, its what easiest for you to understand and how much work you put in.

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Mar 28, 2002
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i took the kaplan course and all the tests, but used the ek gen chem and physics books to study for the PS section. Unfortunately, i didn't get them til rather late in the game. they really helped me improve my score on kaplan and on the aamc tests, and I was happy with my PS score on the real thing. PS was by far my most challenging section.
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