Aug 2, 2009
Currently we are seeking physicians with experience in treating chronic ailments to participate in a continuous care program that will provide total health care at an affordable cost to patients with documented chronic ailments. Each physician that participates in this program will be responsible for care coordination of each patient’s specific ailment and needs during the entire duration of the patients treatment.

Upon each patient’s initial examination the participating physician will gain access to a secure network that will aid in the treatment of the patient. The secure network will consist of an electronic diary that will include each patient’s details (medical records and history) as well as notes from yourself from each time the patient visits your office. You will then be responsible for recording your notes in the diary along with any treatment that was prescribed each time you consult with the patient. The patients are required to have a physical performed by you at least once a year (or what is required by state law) where his or her treatment plan will be outlined. In situations deemed fit the patient can reconsult with their physician over the phone as long as their records are up to date and they have had their yearly physical.

The following is a breakdown of the payment plan that is offered to each physician that participates in this program. For the initial visit to include a physical examination, diagnosis and treatment plan the physician will be paid a fee of $130. In addition since the patients will require continuous care they will not be expected to visit the physician for medication refills unless outlined so in their treatment plan. Instead a $65 continuous care fee will be paid to the physician for every CCC (continuous care consultation) to be performed by the physician every 3 months or said time deemed necessary for the patient’s treatment. For example:

-Patients deemed eligible for this continuous care program will contact the customer care center and forward their records and ID to be stored in our secure network
-Patients records will be screened and if the patient is approved to participate in the program they will be scheduled for an appointment with a physician..
- Each physician will be given individual login ID #’s. This will allow the physician to login to the electronic diary, a secure area of the system where the physician can view their appointment schedule as well as each patient’s information and records. The electronic diary will be used throughout the treatment of the patient.
- The patient will then visit the physician for their initial examination. This examination will include a physical, diagnosis and treatment plan. The physician will then log any notes or treatment prescribed into their electronic diary. (For this consultation the physician will be paid a fee of $130).
- This program is designed for patients that will require continuous treatment. Something new that we will be offering is a CCC (continuous care consultation). A CCC is a consultation that will be performed via telephone (or in person depending on the situation) between the patient, physician and or P.A. The physician and or P.A. will be able to login to the electronic diary and view any notes and treatment prescribed in the previous visit to the physician. A CCC is to be performed every 3 months or deemed necessary by the physician or state laws. All notes and treatment prescribed during every consultation are to be logged into the electronic diary. This will aid the in future treatment of the patient. (For this consultation the physician will be paid a fee of $65).
-If any medication is prescribed the prescription will be given to the patient to be filled at a pharmacy of their choosing or faxed directly to one of our participating mail order pharmacies.

Understand that by participating in this program you will not only see a steady increase of revenue do to a greater patient base, you will also be doing a great service for the many continuous care patients in your area. For more information on this exciting new program please contact:

Maple Consulting
Phone: 407-221-3642
Fax: 407-641-9124
Email: [email protected]