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Jun 16, 2023
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I'm starting my first time applying to PT school, and I had some questions about the experience section. For each one you add, there is a spot to put your supervisor's information and contact. Is this only for work experiences, or should it be included for clubs and other experiences too? And do they actually call or email the supervisor (so should I reach out to let each person know to expect a call), or only if they need more information?

I also had trouble figuring out which experiences should be categorized as volunteer vs. extracurricular. The experiences I'm struggling with are: leadership in a Christian club (which involved coming early to set up, meeting with new members, fliering, etc.), playing piano/singing every week on a church worship team, starting a college group at my church/running social media, and crocheting hats for a knitting group that donates to homeless shelters and foster cares.

Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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