Extra Curricular Activities

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Apr 2, 2009
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A fellow University student and I have been working on a magazine geared for students for over a year now (as a side project). The magazine is meant to promote post-secondary education and provide a realistic view of university/college life. The entire project was completed by students (ie. writers, layout, etc.), with my friend and I meeting with local businesses in order to secure funds for production. Our first issue went to every high school in the county as well as the University (a total of 15,000), at no charge.
Do you think this experience would be good to talk about in my interview?

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Its just that at my interview I need to give a 5-10 minute speech about my experiences, and was not sure if I should talk about my pharmacy experiences or this.
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I have never heard of an interview that required specifically a 5-10 speech on experiences. I have had: what extra curricular experience has meant the most to you? or: tell us about your leadership, or: what experiences have led to you pursue a career in pharmacy?
If 5-10 minutes is specifically what they want, and there are no other instructions, why not mention both? Or choose whichever you think best highlights the qualities they are looking for: leadership, organization, initiative, communication skills, etc.
This would actually be something that would stand out because everyone is going to be saying things that they've done relating to pharmacy. It is good to say something that you've done relating to pharmacy with extra curriculars, but this would show a different side of you to the adcoms. Creativity and being a self starter is exactly what being an independent pharmacy owner is all about. This would show that.