Failed MA MPJE.. Now what?

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    Hello ladies and gents of SDN,

    I just found out that I *unfortunately* failed the MA MPJE with a 74 due to lack of preparation/ not giving myself enough time between NAPLEX and this exam. Anyways, I am just curious if anyone knows the process for re-registering.

    Do I need to reapply to the MA board before I can re-register? And do I need to wait 30 days just until I can register again or can I register ahead of time?

    I figured I'd check in here to see if anyone else had dealt with this. If anyone knows anything, I would really appreciate the help :)

    Thanks and take care!!
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    Hi Pharma2334,

    I am sorry to hear that you failed the MA MPJE. On the upside, you only have to wait 30 days. If I were you, I would save myself some time and call NABP directly and ask them how to go about it. Regardless of what anyone tells you in the forum, you will have to speak to NABP. So just do that and get the process started.

    Best of luck!

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