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Nov 24, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I caught myself in a very unfortunate situation and I need your help. I recently found out that I failed step 2 CS (ICE portion). I am beyond devastated and scared for my future. I am an MS4 from a US MD school, applying to IM and have completed 10 interviews (mostly mid-tier academic programs). My Step 1 and Step 2 Ck were submitted before this but I will not have my CS score to submit to programs before rank list is due. I figure there is nothing much I can do at this point except retaking my CS in March and ****ing kill it this time. My questions are:

1) Will programs remove me from their rank lists due to missing CS score?
2) In case they reach out to me regarding my score, what should I do/say?
3) Should I reach out in advance to explain my situation?
4) What are my chances of matching at all at this point. I think I might have to have a plan B (SOAP or wait another year). I cant stop crying thinking about these options.

I know there are a lot of questions. Thank you so much everyone! I have never been so disappointed in myself and I definitely deserve it.


Stay safe folks
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Nov 17, 2015
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Sorry you are going through this tough time....this test has just been causing nothing but distress to us.....

1)Based on what I read on here and Reddit, it appears that IM do not always need CS before the match. I would check the programs' website if they have anything along the lines of "passing Step 2 on first attempt". If they do then you do have a risk of not matching to that program.

2)Reach out to your dean and ask about his/her opinion. I'm sure they have had students dealt with this situation in the past and would be more knowledgeable in helping you with it as they might be more familiar with residencies in the area too.

3)I would probably keep quiet unless they ask. Drawing attention would not be a good idea.

4)It will be depending on each program's requirement. I suspect you still have a chance.

I think most of us on here agree that this test poorly defines our ability and is not representative of how good we can/will be. Schedule it again, put a little more time into prep and you will pass on the next try!!
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