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Apr 14, 2008
Is there a group/thread for folks specifically applying for entry Fall 2009? Would anyone like to form such a group or even just swap email addresses?

My reasons are selfish... I am a bok-bok chicken-bok. I don't want to go through this alone.

The board is a tremendous support but I think it could be a great supplement if I could purposefully follow along with the progress of a few others on this journey.

If this is a duplicate thread, I apologize, feel free to delete or move as necessary. If anyone is interested, please reply or pm me.

About me:
  • I guess I'm officially non-trad (29 yrs old)
  • previous grad study (MSW)
  • undergrad background (elem edu/psych)
  • research completed (psychopharm/SSRI, kinship care, health disparities, PTSD-- no off campus publications)
  • research interests (rural health, STRONGLY in favor of further research concerning supposed early onset of severe and persistent mental illness in children/adolescents, effects of mental health crises on academic performance, interventions in children of the severe and persistently mentally ill, etc)
  • likely applications: School Psych PsyD, School Psych PhD, School Psych, M.Ed., Clinical PsyD, Combined-Integrated School/Clinical PsyD, Combined Counseling/School PhD (more or less, still reviewing programs)
  • mid-low range competitive app (transcript concerns)
  • 1 previous Clinical PsyD app, waitlisted @ midwest school that was a great match for me when I had a health focus
I feel like I just wrote an online dating app... anyone want to be my friend? :) Be my buddy, I don't bite...

Hope all of you are well and hope someone else is interested so I don't have to keep freaking out alone. Be well!


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Feb 5, 2008
Psychology Student
I'm planning on that time period as well, if it makes you feel any better. Currently I'm tossing around personal statement ideas, have written some down, working on some publication materials, and studying for the GRE. We have plenty of time, no need to freak out, but it is prudent to have a plan of action.


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Jun 2, 2007
I think Ilovecows and I were talking about starting such a thread the other week!
I think this is good. We can all keep up with one another - it's nice to know we're all going through the same thing at the same time.