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Amy Ramos

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May 9, 2022
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I have a class assignment and need to do a series of questions /interviews with a dr and understand why you chose the medical career path. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to chime in and answer these questions.
questions below:
Networking Conversation
Part 1: “What’s your Story…What led you to this career?”
What is your life “story”, and how did it impact your journey to where you are today? (What, life experiences, interests, skills, hobbies, led you to this career?)
What was your education roadmap like? (Certificates, training, degrees, advanced degrees?).
What skills did you already have, and what skills did you need to acquire to excel in your career?
Part 2: “What is your job like?”
What is the actual job description? What is a typical day/week look like for you…..What activities and tasks do you actually do all day?
What is it like to do your work…What are aspects about your career which engage, excites, and motivate you?
What is the most challenging, taxing, frustrating, energy depleting parts of your work?
What kinds of problems do you solve and types of decisions you make regularly in your career?
Part 3: “What is the work environment like?”
Whom do you work with? Who do you answer to?
Do you work on a team, independently, or some of both? Explain what this looks like on a day-to-day basis?
What is the salary range for your type of work? Are there additional benefits that come with this career (stock options, health benefits, travel opportunities, company car, other paid expenses, etc.)?
Is this career one you see with lots of growth potential? Are there special areas or needs that a newcomer to the field should prepare for?
Does this job allow you to live the lifestyle you want? Why or why not?
If you could do things differently regarding your life experiences, education roadmap, and career choice, what would you have done?
Part 4: “Where do I go from here?” (Use this conversation as a possible networking opportunity…)
Is there someone else you think I should contact as I continue to explore this career field?

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'Provider' is corporate speak for lets see how we can blur the lines and pay physicians and mid levels the same, eventually.