Sep 15, 2015
Hey everyone I'm new to the board. I've been a pharmacy manager at a grocery chain for about 6 years. We have just switched to 12 hour shifts and Sundays and I'm just not happy with my new hours. We are a slower pharmacy so we can split up the days I have to work the full 8 to 8 shift.

I'm interested in federal prison pharmacy. There is a federal prison only a mile or so from my home and the job there may be coming available soon. Anyone here work in a federal prison?

How would you describe your job? Is the salary comparable to retail pharmacy? I've read up on the retirement and TSP plan. How does PHS work for pharmacists does it help boost salary/retirement?


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Sep 11, 2014
I don't work for BOP so I can't answer most of those questions but I can answer the last paragraph.

Salary is not comparable to retail initially. If there is a job opening you can look on USAJobs and see the salary range. Working for BOP does not automatically make you part of PHS. PHS is a two part process, you have to apply and be accepted to PHS and you also have to apply and be offered a job that qualifies.
PHS only opens applications when they are in need. They opened applications for pharmacists a couple of months ago but now it's closed again so you would have to wait until they were in need of pharmacists again before you could apply. You would be a civil service with BOP during that time. PHS has salary calculators on their website as well. Starting salary depends on a number of factors including location, marital status, number of dependents, prior military service.