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Fellowship advice- much appreciated

Discussion in 'Pathology' started by thralk, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. thralk

    Sep 9, 2014
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    I am a third year ap/cp resident at a small path program
    Some facts about me:
    -There is not a lot of research opportunities in my dept so my only scholarly activity are case reports at CAP and local meetings about GI topics and an ongoing quality improvement project in Micro that probably won't yield any results soon.
    -my dept has surgical pathology and Cytopath fellowships, no others
    -my 2 areas of interest are GI and Micro, in no order, and I know these are kind of very different areas hence why I need some advice.
    -in terms of recommendations I'm sure I could get some strong ones within my dept, I'm chief this year and especially my micro attending would write a strong letter. We have been without GI attendings for a long time, there are some new ones starting but I'm not sure it would be enough time to get to know me before this years applaications hence maybe I should wait to apply? Need advice
    -I am not geographically restricted nor do I care very much about the ultimate salary I end up making as a attending as long as I'm employed
    -I would prefer being in an academic or government position though.
    - I have considered doing a general surgical pathology fellowship instead of either GI or Micro to try to be more employable. Is this a good way to go? Need some advice

    I was hoping to get some career advice in terms of which fellowships and in what order I should apply for. I know GI is very competitive and Micro I've heard from some people doesn't have great job prospects (is this necessarily true?) thanks a lot!
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