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    hey everyone, i was wondering what are possible fellowships in podiatry. I already know that there are no official board certifications in fellowships, but still they interest me. I know one major fellowship thatcomes up is "diabetic foot salvage" or something. Can anyone tell me about that. Also what is the purpose of doing a fellowship that you cant get certified in? Do employers like academia (MD/DPM) desire these things? And obviously, any other deisrable fellowships?

    EDIT: how long are some of these fellowships?
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    I think that there was an earlier thread on the fellowship opportunities for Podiatric Surgeon. I am going to simply carbon copy what I had written about the fellowship opportunities.

    There are several fellowship options available for the graduating Podiatry resident. Some of the fellowship opportunities are listed on the CPME website via CPME 800 documents, which can be view at:
    There are some other fellowship opportunities that are not listed in the CPME 800 documents but residency directors do get mailing from these programs.
    Many of the fellowship programs offer some additional training in Reconstructive Rearfoot Surgery (Dr. Jolly's Fellowship, Indiana Fellowship, Dr. Weil's Fellowship, one in California, etc...), Limb Deformity Correction (Dr. Paley's Fellowship), Sports Medicine (Virginia Mason Sports Medicine Center, Barry University, etc..), Diabetic and Limb Salvage (San Antonio, etc...), Wound Care, and Geriatrics. Most of these fellowships are usually 1 year long with a few exceptions. There are other mini fellowship opportunities for the Podiatry resident / graduate. These include the AO/ASIF Trauma Fellowship (1 -3 months long) and the Smith & Nephew Ilizarov Mini Fellowship in Kurgan, Russia (6 weeks long). One can apply for this Ilizarov Mini Fellowship through the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

    The reason why someone would consider doing a fellowship is to get additional training in the area of interest.
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