Few questions from NBME Form 5 ???


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Apr 10, 2004
1. A woman with an MI - what is the cause of pain???

2. Exercise training - how does it affect number of mitochondria, amount of actin per myocyte and total number of myocytes??
It was an up/down/no change arrows question

3. Maybe I am missing something stupid with this question but an 18 month old boy that is considered "chubby" - low hematocrit, high platelets. Which lab value will be abnormal? Cholesterol, folate, iron, b12 or vit E? What disease are we talking about????

4. On chest x-ray, what is a sharp line running parallel to the chest wall adjacent to the radiolucent area without lung markings mean and what is the next step in diagnosis? spiral CT of chest, MRI of chest, bronchoscopy, intubation or needle aspiration??

5. This question really got me - it was an old man with dementia, alzheimers that was admitted to the hospital. Kicking, screaming, not oriented. What do you do? Place familiar objects and a night light around his bed, leave bright lights on and have staff check on him hourly, apply night long restraints, medicate the patient with long acting anxiolytics or ask family to hire sitter???? None of the options seemed quite right but which one seems the best?

Thanks for the help! Hopefully other people were confused about these as well and it clears up some questions...
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