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Feb 17, 2010
Hello forum,
I will be applying to dental school this summer. I believe this year applications open on June 3, 2010. It seems to be different every year.

Question 1: Will my professors and dentists send the letters of recommendation online through the ADEA website? Will I need to email them a link so they can send it?

Question 2: I have 3 letters of rec (2 from professors, 1 from dentist). Is more allowed and better?

Question 3: My DAT is at the end of May, and I am not feeling too confident about taking it. If I postpone it, when is the latest I should take it?

Question 4: There are 3 new dental schools this year according to the ADEA website. Will these schools be easier to get into since they are new and should I apply to them?

Question 5: It would be a nightmare if I did not get accepted anywhere, should I apply to all 59 dental schools to raise my chances? How much would that cost?

That's it for now.
Thank you


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Aug 18, 2009
Dental Student
1. When AADSAS opens, you will designate who your LOR writers are and it will automatically send them an email that gives them further instructions.
2. Just make sure that you fulfill all of the school's LOR requirements - they vary from school to school.
4. I know that one of the new dental schools is ECU and it's only for NC residents...
5. Personally, I think that would be insane. It would be incredibly expensive and time consuming to do all of those secondaries. Also, a lot of those are state schools that give preference to their residents, so you'd pretty much be wasting your time.

There's also a search function on this site that you can use to find old threads about these topics. You'll find a lot more info this way. Good luck!