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Jun 17, 2004
Sitting down and facing front. Why would you want
Attending Physician
I just had to bite, and go check our new banner sponsor...

Step 1: Complimentary consultation
Step 2: Individualized treatment plan
Step 3: Begin our six step treatment process
Wait!? So, how many steps are there?!

2. Mitochondrial Enhancement by improving the powerhouse of each cell, or the "mitochondria"
"Mitochondria"? WTF?

"I made an appointment for October 13, 2007. I know the date well; because it was the day I started to reclaim my life. Dr. ****** of the Ft. Worth Center turned out to be soft-spoken and kind. She went over my history with detail and attention and I had my first IV treatment that day. That same day I had the most extensive blood work I've ever had in my life and was tested for every virus, bacteria, and immune problem you can think of. No other doctor has ever bothered to test me for anything outside of standard blood test. Call FFC today and take the first step to changing your life. You won't be sorry." - Melissa's Story
Step 4: Obviously... Profit?

While you're there, don't forget to Meet the Management Team, or see just how many seemingly real doctors are on-board. Maybe we as pathologists should take our cue from them? I think I may just slant my business model towards reading biopsies for firbromyalgia, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, SAD, etc... And it will all be cash-based...

"We believe that insurance companies shouldn't dictate your treatment. That's why we don't participate in any insurance plans. You are responsible for payment and our Road To Wellness plans make that affordable. FFC can worry about helping you feel well instead of focusing on the needs of your insurance company."
Individual Mandate my rump!