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Jul 31, 2005
you know i dont know why people are closing threads.. I need to add some things.. STOP CLOSING THREADS unless someone is threatened geezz...

nite cap said

[B]Come on guys, we all know that in both the Medical and Nurse Practice acts it plainly states that a MD is not liable for any independent decisions made by that CRNA or any other APRN and PA as long as the MD thought that the APRN or PA was competent. to make that call.

If the MD is always liable then why does the CRNA have to purchase at least 1/3 mill malpractice insurance, even when they work in a medically directed practice.

You guys act like an MDA is the only person in the entire OR suite that can intervene when the patient is crumping. Do you make a quick run to the phone boothe first and change into your superman out fit and fly to the rescue. So the patients coding in OR, are you guys the only peeps that know how to run a code. No offense but unless you did critical care medicine I probrably have participated in more instances of anal seepage hitting the fan" than most of you guys, while working in a large CVICU. That is unless you guys killed or nearly killed that many patients in your residency, which i doubt happened. What are you going to do crack the chest, I highly doubt that. Hell a CRNA can put in lines, push drugs and fluid rescitate, defib, pretty much every aspect you can do in these situations. Maybe not put in a IABP but then how many MDA's do. Hey I know you guys are medically educated but when the diarrhea is spraying like you say, its not always the most educated individual that does the right thing. Its the quick thinging, leader, that doesnt loose his cool, and is effective under duress. Sorry doubt your histology class will come in handy here. Physiology maybe but I use the same phys book that the med school does here, Boron and Boulpaep medical phys. Everyone knows its experience that counts when the crap starts flinging, screw memorization of facts.

NIte cap is a really dangerous person.. How could you say " I can understand anesthesia texts as well as any doctor, so why become a doctor". You are a complete idiot. I suppose you can read surgical texts and all of a sudden become a surgeon. I am a physician and have trouble understanding a lot of the topics in anesthesia texts, so unless you are just all-knowing or they are teaching some wicked magical stuff in crna school . You are way too conceited and you are a freakin nurse anesthetist student. Amazes me. I am board certified and i dont have the balls that you have. Hey when the **** hits the fan things get easy. anybody can do anything.. its preventing the **** from hitting the fan and realizing its about to that separates clinicians..


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Dec 12, 2003
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ok i cant believe the original thread was closed...

Mr. Volatile: I'll concede that emotions did get in my way a little. But come on man, can you let guys like NiteCap say that kinda stuff about OUR profession????? Dude, i agree YOU maybe more knowledgeable about some of this stuff. I then ask you all to step up to the plate. I'm learning new thigns about this subject each day as well. But guess what I'm going to be active about it. I'm not sure where you are at your level of training, or even if you are an attending. But seriously, we can not let these CRNAs prance around and disrespect us in the manner they do.

Davvid, rock on :thumbup:

basically, I think this thread has gone the longest w/o having been closed down and still talking about this subject. I think that it wasnt the greatest move at all to close the thread down. No one swore at each other or threatened each other. I feel like every time a thread gets closed down on this subject...the CRNAs are winning.

The CRNAs dont like this kind of bad publicity and I feel as though they're getting their way. Moderators,et al, let's keep this thread alive for the sake of the profession.
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