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Fil studying in Australia


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 25, 2004
Hi!Are there any Filipinos here studying in Australia? Please tell me how it is like because I think I want to apply to a med school in Australia. Will you be able to practice medicine in the Philippines or do you have to start from scratch when you get back? Thanks!I hope to hear from you soon!By the way, what are the nice med schools that offer Graduate Entry Medical Program? Thanks! ;)


Junior Member
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Apr 27, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
I suggest you contact the international officer at AMSA (australian medical student association) via the website www.amsa.org.au. He's from the Philippines and has done research into returning to the Philippines after graduation. I think he says that, because Aussie schools don't teach medical jurisprudence, you may have to take that subject before you're allowed to sit the philippine board exams.

Hope this helps! :luck:
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