Finally Verified, Now What Do I Do?


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Jun 22, 2006
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    I was just verified by AMCAS. Whew. This may be an obvious, but not to me, do I have to do anything now? Everything was already submitted, but I'm not sure if I have to do anything to confirm I am OK with their verified GPA.


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      You can go and print your verified AMCAS which will have your GPA on it. If you don't dispute anything, all you do now is wait for the secondaries to hopefully come rolling in. Oh - and get a nice stash of blank checks so you can send in those secondary fees.

      If you're really ambitious and a total anal-retentive, you could look on the forums to see which schools have secondaries on their websites that don't require password, or ask around to see what essay questions are on the particular school secondaries you applied to and work on those so it'll be a simple cut'n'paste when you finally get the secondary invites.

      Also, get your suit pressed and cleaned. Make sure your shirt and tie match with your suit. Make sure your socks don't have holes on them, and if you have new dress shoes, start wearing them around your house/apartment/dorm to break them in to avoid blisters on interview days.

      Last, but not least, RELAX. It's a long ride. Go have a beer.
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      Aug 14, 2004
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      1. Attending Physician
        Like Shy said, definitely track down some of those secondary essay prompts, which are littered throughout this forum, and start drafting your responses. Your sanity will thank you later for the early preparation.

        Also, start looking for people with whom you can do mock-interviews. Practicing for interviews is key. Don't try to wing it. Find as many people as you can who will offer constructive criticisms on your interviewing skills and help you prepare well ahead of that important day.
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