Financial Aid and Post-Bacc Programs (Formal vs. 2nd Deg. vs. DIY?)

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Jul 5, 2004
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i originally posted this in the post-bacc forum - then realized this may be a more appropriate place for it, not to mention people more likely to have gone this route already. so cheers for bearing with me on the re-post :)


hey all,

not sure if anyone on here is a financial aid whiz, but i have a question to ask - in terms of applying for loans, grants of any sort - how does it work when you apply for aid as a 2nd degree bacc student vs. being enrolled in an "official" post-bacc program vs. doing an "unofficial" d.i.y. post-bacc at a state university? is there an advantage to any of the three classifications, or is it a toss-up?

i thought i'd read somewhere that as a post-bacc it might be more difficult to get stafford loans and the likes because you're enrolled in a non-degree program, whereas i thought i'd seen someone else mention being able to get these kinds of loans b/c of their degree-seeking 2nd-bacc status? am i completely misinformed here, or what's the deal? all these choices between post-bacc programs are doing my head in, but the one thing i do know is that money will most definitely play a role in my decision!

to give you a bit of perspective on my personal situation - i'm looking at programs across the spectrum right now, everything from formal post-bacc programs at usc/scripps to 2nd degree programs at sfsu/ucsd to the bare-bones d.i.y. route at csula out here. so any light you all can shed on this one would help immensely!

thanks in advance...