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Dec 5, 2001
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Do med students ever receive GRANTS from the US. Dept of Education and the medical schools in which they are attending? Are we filling FAFSA to apply for students loan only, or for both GRANT and student loans? How does the EFC in the FAFSA affecting how much we going to get from the government and school?
I was little concerned how they calculated our need from last year's (in which would be higher since I work full time). However, if I go back to medical schools, obvious i will lost that income. Will school notice that fact? Thus I don't fully understand what's the purpose of doing the FAFSA.

Thanz for any inputs


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Jan 17, 2001
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The Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students are the only Federal grants given to medical students that do not require a service obligations. The school itself determines eligibility.

The FAFSA is needed to determine the amount of subsidized versus unsubsidized Stafford Loans.

If you have a good financial aid office at your school, they will advise you how to revise your FAFSA, if needed, in regards to the lack of income you will have once school starts. Each year you can re-submit a FAFSA and so your eligibility for subsidized Stafford Loans can change from year to year.
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