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Mar 22, 2005
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Hello Everyone,

I have a question to ask to this forum in regards to financial aid. Recently I got a letter in the mail giving me an amount that I will expect to get for my living expenses. However, I soon received an E-check that was $233 less that what I was suppose to get back. Considering that we get 3 statements per school year, thats about $699 per year that is taken by some financial aid fee that is not in our yearly budget. I was wondering if this is a problem at any other Pod schools? Also, do you guys get some ridiculous instrument fee's in the amount of $570 every statement?(P2's or podiatry students that are now going through the school clinic)



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Feb 2, 2007
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I can only speak for my school, but it all adds up. You see online the amounts of your federal loan checks, and you can ask for a printout of all your tuition/fee charges each semester. Obviously, loans minus tuition/fees equals your refund check amount. Take those records and file them each semester. If the figures aren't adding up or a charge amount seems wrong, talk to a FinAid rep.

As for instruments, are you sure that's not your Gill order and that you will be receiving the instruments shortly? We ordered as a group, the $ was charged to our student account spring 2nd year, and the instruments were sent to the school.

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Sep 26, 2002
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Have you checked your bursar account? That should show you how much was withheld by the school and how much is left over. It's always possible the school had an increase in fees at the last minute. I'd also look at your lender statement to see how much was disbursed to the school. Also, yes, definitely talk to the financial aid office if you feel you should be getting more money.